Quick & Easy BBQ Rubs May 21, 2018 – Posted in: bbq, recipes – Tags: , , , ,

As we head for the Memorial Day Holiday weekend, and everyone is brushing off their BBQ we start thinking about how to bring out the best flavor in meat, chicken and vegetables while getting ready to entertain friends and family and have fun by the pool.

One of the simplest ways to add super flavor to steaks and chops is to create a rub with a mixture of spices and peppers, and experiment with the quantities of each spice until you find the exact flavor you are looking for.

This weekend we tried an international mix of Spanish Paprika, Aleppo Pepper and English Mustard which resulted in subtle pepper flavor with just a hint of heat.

To make your spice rub, simply mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, and sprinkle generously over meat and vegetables that have first been brushed with olive oil.

Aleppo Pepper

Aleppo pepper is a variety of Capsicum used as a spice, particularly in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine.

Spanish Paprika

Also known as Pimenton – comes in different types that range from Hot to Mild, and Smoked which has a subtle sweet smoked flavor. Each type adds a slightly different flavor to your dish.

English Mustard

English Mustard Powder is hot and peppery, and not unlike Chinese mustard in flavor. Adds a zing to any recipe.

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